What will you do for your 600?

Join us and raise some money for Destination Florida Children’s Charity in our 600 and 6 challenge from the 21st of March to the 26th of March.

We are asking for people to get involved and do something 600 times over the course of these 6 days.

Inspired by the 600 minutes it takes to fly from Manchester to Florida. This could be anything from doing 600 squats, baking 600 cakes, or reading 600 pages of a book!

You could even spread this out and do 100 things a day over the 6 days. This could be as a team, for example can your office drink 600 cups of tea or can your family in the garden do 600 star jumps between you all!

Get thinking, have some fun and help raise money for Destination Florida Children’s Charity.

Sign up today and get ready for your 600 in 6!


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