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Jess’ Trip

We spoke to Claire (Jess’ mum) to discuss the impact the trip.

Destination Florida Children’s Charity creates not only the most special memories for the children we take, but it also allows families to have some well-deserved respite.

Jess came on our 2023 trip as one of our VIC’s and had the time of her life. It also allowed her family to experience things they never have before, knowing Jess had the best support and care over in Florida.

We spoke to Claire (Jess’ mum) to discuss the impact the trip had on Jess and her family:

“Destination Florida has been literally the best thing to happen to our family, you guys changed the lives of not only Jessica but for all of us. It gave us the chance to give her brother and sister something we could never have otherwise given them as we had never had the chance to take any of them for a holiday until Jess was taken to Florida. No amount of words such as amazing, life changing, phenomenal… could ever cover how I feel about the charity, and I will forever be in your debt. Jess had the best time of her life and still looks at her photos daily and wears at least one of her t-shirts every couple of days. You have given her something we could never have otherwise been able to do. Thank you.”

We love hearing how DF has changed the lives of so many.