Schools, Colleges & Young People

Are you thinking about raising money for Destination Florida at your school, college or university? We’ve got lots of ideas and resources to help you and your fundraising to be successful. You could organise a one-off fundraising event or choose to support Destination Florida as your charity of the year. All you need to do is to make sure your activities are fun and enjoyable! Just ensure you get lots of people involved and it will be a massive success.
You could organise one of the following activities:
  • Sponsored walk, bike ride, swim or read
  • A disco or concert
  • A cake or biscuit sale
  • Sale of books and toys
  • Record your own CD
  • Collection boxes
We could also help you to plan lessons around the work of Destination Florida. University students and teaching staff or lecturers could also consider volunteering on one of our trips.

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